History of the Wu Chian-Chuan School

Critical in the creation of the original Tai Chi forms and their consequent quality, was the vast philosophical, martial and healing experience of the early founders of Tai Chi Chuan.  Our Original Wu Style Tai Chi has one of the finest pedigrees in the  world, giving it unprecedented authenticity, excellence, precision and effectiveness. 

Master Wu Chuan Yau (1834) was the Original Wu Style founder; he was a member of the Imperial Guard in Beijing and taught every aspect of his skill to his son, Wu Chien Chuan.  Wu Chien Chuan, became expert at the highest level and was employed in the Palace Battalion of the Imperial Guard for the personal protection of the Emperor of China. In later life he modified and streamlined the early martial forms in order to make them accessible to the general public. In 1935 he established the Wu Chien Chuan Centre in Shanghai, passing all his knowledge to his daughter Wu Ying Hua and son in law Ma Yueh Liang They became directors of the Wu Chian Chuan Centre in Shanghai after his death. 

David and Rachel with Grand Master Ma Yueh-liang, Shanghai 1989

David on the cover of New Martial Hero magazine, 1976. The Magazine featured many popular martial artists including Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, also in 1976. 

David and Rachel Barrow studied privately with Ma Yueh Liang in Shanghai, qualifying as instructors and representatives of the Wu Chien Chuan Centre in the U.K. in 1989.  They continue their studies with Ma Jiang Baothe son of Ma Yueh Liang.   David and Rachel have built up their skills and knowledge during more than 40yrs of learning and teaching, opening their first school in Sheffield in 1975.  They are two of only three people in the U.K. to be given ‘Indoor Status’ by the Centre in Shanghai.  This is the highest honorary title available in Chinese Martial Arts.  

David is also Honorary Vice President of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.